2021-22 Registration

The Waxahachie High School Counseling staff has been working diligently to register students for the 2021-22 school year.  At this point, the staff has met with all students and made adjustments to their 4-year plans, and is working with course requests. 


The district is using a program called Eduthings to assist students with course registration.  This program provides greater access and more reliable information related to course choices, viewing and tracking four-year plans, endorsements, and graduation requirements. 


Eduthings is now open for student and parent review.   The program will be open until May 3.  Please review student plans to approve or request appropriate changes.  Upon completion, parents and students are required to provide digital signatures.   Plans are reviewed each year.


  • You are a Senior and have not received a course required for graduation
  • You have already earned credit for a class or equivalent (summer school, Credit Recovery, Acceleration)
  • You are enrolled in a course for which you have not met the prerequisite
  • Scheduling error-not the right number of classes (missing a class or too many classes)
  • You need to recover a class you failed/are failing to earn credit
  • You need to drop/add Athletics/Band or other extra-curricular activity 

Please email counselors to request changes. 


Casi Thorne (A -Coli) 

Whitney Read (Coll - Gonzalez, M.)

Ramona Leonhardt (Gonzalez, N. - Lem) 

Jean Baskin (Len - Park)

Antoinette Vincent (Parl - Sev)

Bo Livingston (Sif - Z) 


While your questions and concerns are extremely important to us, please know this is a demanding time of year.  Counselors will return emails and phone calls as quickly as they can.  We ask for your patience during this hectic time of year.

  • Log in to ClassLink. Typical student login is:
    • Student ID# (example: 123456)
    • Password = First Middle Last Initial and birthdate (example: abc12345678)
  • Click on the Eduthings Tile
  • Click on the "Four Year Plan" link to view all of the courses listed for each year of high school.
  • Upon review of choices, scroll to the bottom and complete the signature for both parent and student. Save the signatures.
  • Within the “Signatures” section:
    • Use mouse, stylus, or touch to sign or
    • Type name in the input box
  • Finally, click the “Sign On” date button.

button reads registration presentation for freshmen

registration presentation for 10th and 11th graders

For information about Navarro College Dual Credit, please watch this video:

Navarro College Dual Credit Program


button reads dual credit new student enrollment

button reads dual credit returning student enrollment


Students requesting Pre-Advanced Placement (PreAP), Advanced Placement (AP), or Dual Credit (DC) courses need to complete the Honors Agreement.  The form requires parent and teacher signatures and must be completed by the time students meet with counselors. 

button reads honors agreement