2021-22 Registration

The Waxahachie High School Counseling staff is working to register students for 2021-22.  The buttons below link to recorded video presentations as Covid mitigation required a different style in our delivery method.  Please use these resources as a reference in helping complete the necessary registration forms. 


button reads registration presentation for freshmen

registration presentation for 10th and 11th graders

Counselor Meetings

  • 11th-grade students meet during English classes: February 8-12
  • 10th-grade students meet during English classes: February 24-26
  • 9th-grade students meet during English classes:  March 1-4


Online learners or quarantined students, please email counselors with course selections.  Counselors will be making every effort to contact students in the coming weeks. 



  • Honors Agreement due: Thursday, April 1, 2021
  • Schedule Changes due: Friday, April 30, 2021
  • For information about Navarro College Dual Credit, please watch this video:

    Navarro College Dual Credit Program

  • To qualify for Dual Credit, students must show proof of college readiness by meeting testing requirements. 
    • Sophomore students took the TSI/TSIA during their English classes in December.  Counselors can verify if test scores qualify students for Dual Credit during their course selection meeting. 
    • Junior students will take the TSI/TSIA during their English classes the week of February 22-26. 
    • The TSI/TSIA will be offered again from 4:15-8:00 pm on March 16-18. 
    • Registration information is in the video presentation linked above.  Space is limited, first-come, first-served.     
  • register for the dual credit examComplete the Navarro College application online.  Once accepted, registration details will be generated.
  • The deadline for testing and application is March 25.
  • Scholarships for Dual Credit: Student may apply for both, but can only receive one of two scholarships
For more information or clarification of content on this page, please reach out to the WHS counseling team.

Students requesting Pre-Advanced Placement (PreAP), Advanced Placement (AP), or Dual Credit (DC) courses need to complete the Honors Agreement.  The form requires parent and teacher signatures and must be completed by the time students meet with counselors. 


button reads honors agreement