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The Waxahachie High School College and Career Center is committed to preparing all students for the next exciting chapter of their lives by ensuring that they are college, career and life ready!


The Center is designed to provide information, skills, and opportunities to help students achieve their full potential, whether that path involves college, career or the military.


We encourage students and their parents to browse through and utilize the information provided below.



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Many career paths lead to college as the next step.  Whether you are considering a two-year, four-year, or technical school, the advisors in the College and Career Center are here to help!  

  • Comparing:  Comparing colleges is time well-spent.  A few factors to consider are: entrance requirements, degree plans, costs, location, and campus life.  The ultimate goal is to choose a school that is the best fit for you!
  • Testing: Regardless of the type of school you plan to attend, part of the admissions process will include an entrance exam.  Typically, four-year universities require an ACT or SAT; whereas, the TSI can be used for entrance into two-year schools.
  • Applying: Applying to colleges can actually be an easy process that has many benefits.  It’s important to meet the application deadlines but once you have applied, communication with the colleges will begin.  They will assist you in completing the application process by letting you know all documents that are required, and you will soon feel connected to their world.
  • Paying: One of the most important considerations when choosing a school is cost.  There are many avenues to covering this expense, and most find that a combination of resources works best for them.  In addition to the resources listed below, please keep in mind the financial aid/scholarships offered by the institution via its website.
      • FAFSA: Federal aid eligible students

Federal Student Aid

YouTube video: English version

YouTube video: Versión en español

      • TASFA: Non-federal aid eligible students

College For All Texans

YouTube: English version

YouTube: Versión en español

      • Scholarships


Scholarship Page





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Getting a job is often one of the first career decisions you will encounter as you move through the career development process. The College and Career Center understands that this choice can be both exciting and challenging to navigate; therefore, we have located a variety of tools and services to help you evaluate your values, interests, and skills to assist you in making a career decision.


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Online Career and Job Exploration: Feel free to search, explore, and gather information on careers that fit your interests and needs at any time. These sites below offer a plethora of information in a variety of formats. Do your research and then set up a meeting with your WHS College and Career Advisor to take the next step.


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Career Decision Making: The first step to solving a career or job challenge is to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Exploring your values, interests, and skills with your advisor will help you find career options that match up with your goals.





people lined up in profile wearing military uniformsPlease speak with your College and Career Advisor for general information and/or to answer questions about a career in the military. 


Each branch of the military has a recruiter assigned to the WHS campus.  Simply stop by the College and Career Center, located inside the library, if you would like to be connected with one of these recruiters.


ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)

This test is administered every year during the school day to anyone in grades 10-12 who is interested.  It not only serves as an entrance exam for the military but is also used for vocational direction. There is no military obligation for those who choose to take the test.


Interested students can sign up for the test at the College and Career Center (inside the library).

graphic describing the ASVAB test is April 1

Student-Athlete Advising

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Student-Athlete Advising: College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure they have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework. Connect with Mr. Ford for more information and assistance.

NCAA Eligibility Center

NAIA Eligibility Center

NJCAA Eligibility Center

Academic Resources

girl wearing glasses writingDual Credit

Dual Credit classes are offered at Waxahachie High School through Navarro College. This is a great way to earn college credits during high school.  See a Waxahachie High School counselor for information about Dual Credit eligibility requirements, courses, registration information, and scholarships.


Pre-AP/Honors/AP (Advanced Placement)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide rigor and complexity as determined by the guidelines in the College Board.  Students taking AP courses may receive college credit by achieving a score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement Exam.  It is recommended that students check with universities of consideration for the university’s specific requirements in accepting Advanced Placement course credit as earned college hours prior to enrolling in AP courses. Below is a link to assist in determining a college/university’s AP Credit acceptance policy:


Students taking an AP course may be required to take the AP Exam. Students will be responsible for the examination fee.  For more Dual Credit and AP information, please speak with your counselor.

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