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Waxahachie High School counselors do individual planning in the areas of educational, career, and personal-social development. We do guidance curriculum in a variety of areas with all students, as well as provide responsive services, both prevention, and intervention, to address immediate needs and concerns of students. Some of the roles we play include counseling, consultation, program implementation and management, coordination, and assessment.

A Choice! Students will be asked to consider their interests and aptitudes and then choose a tentative Career Pathway in the 9th grade. A Career Pathway selection helps students focus on academics and technology in subject areas that meet their needs.

Thus, as students anticipate the four-year high school program, they become aware of the opportunities to prepare for college, technical school and the world of work.


A Focus!


  • Framework for a clear direction to a goal after graduation.
  • The ongoing transition from high school to college, technical school, and work.
  • Careful planning for a career by student, parent, and counselor.
  • Use of a road map to the future which can be redrawn as necessary.
  • Set of skills for lifelong learning and entry into the world of work.

Today!  Waxahachie Independent School District has made available a Career Pathways section in its course description booklet to help students.  Six major Career Pathways are offered at WHS.

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