Welcome to Biology!

Course Description:

Biology is dedicated to the study of living things and their processes. Throughout the course of this year scientific skills will be developed, laboratory techniques mastered and fundamental principles of living organisms will be understood and evaluated. Students will have the opportunity to explore life science and be able to participate in hands on activities that will apply biology to real world situations. Topics that we will explore together include biochemistry, cytology, genetics, evolution, taxonomy and ecology.



Tutoring is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4 – 5 pm in Room 2106. Other times may be arranged as needed. There is also tutoring available in the library on Monday and Tuesday afternoon from 4-7 and on Thursday afternoon from 4-6.


Class Schedule:

A Days                                                                                         


A1          Pre-AP Biology I                                                         

A2          PLC                                                                         

A3          Pre-AP Biology I (Lunch & Academic Tribe Time)                                                      

A4          Pre-AP Biology I                                                            


B Days

B5          Conference                                                         

B6          Pre-AP Biology I                                                                         

B7          Biology I (Lunch & Academic Tribe Time)                                                      

B8          Pre-AP Biology I 

Google Classroom:
Google Classroom is a requirement for the course as assignments will be assigned and turned in through this page. Handouts, PowerPoints, study tools, videos, announcements and reminders will be posted weekly. Please sign up for the proper Google Classroom that correlates with the assigned class period so that you have access to these resources. Below is the code to join for your class. 
A Days 
A1 Pre-AP Biology: frfk5a
A3 Pre-AP Biology: dfwoe9
A4 Pre-AP Biology: sr3jxk
B Days
B6 Pre-AP Biology: db36r7x
B7 On Level Biology: mv01z1
B8 Pre-AP Biology: 63ar0t3
Parents and students may get reminders about upcoming assignment due dates and test/quiz dates by joining remind. Please text the following code to 81010 to join Remind! 
Biology Courses (B7) - @ribosome 
Pre-AP Biology Courses (A1, A3, A4, B6, B8) - @nucleosome

Contact Information:

Instructor: Mrs. Kaile Rawls Lowery      Classroom: 2106

Phone: 972-923-4600 Ext. 22106              Email: klowery@wisd.org