Welcome to Mr. Rockford's 2019-2020 page!

Hello, my name is Jeff Rockford and I am an Inclusion Teacher in the Social Studies department.  I also teach modified Government and Economics for 12th grade students.  I was born and raised in Southern Illinois and received my BA in History from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois.  I taught in Illinois for two years before teaching 19 years in Dallas ISD. I am starting my 3rd year at Waxahachie HS and enjoy working with all students.  The staff here at WHS are friendly, dedicated, and generous.  I am glad to be a teacher here at WHS and to be part of the community.  In my spare time I like to fish and play competitive baseball.
We have an exciting school year ahead with lots of learning!
Parents, below are some of the concepts my student's  will study this year.
Government: Students in my class  will be studying the formation of the United States and the documents of our early republic.  We will have an in depth study of our three government branches, along with voter participation and voting habits. We will end the semester with an overview of state and local governments.
Economics: The class of Economics is essentially a study of choices.  We will dive deeper into how scarcity affects these choices and various micro and macro economic principles.At the end of the semester the students improve their financial literacy skills.  
The classes that I teach are:
A2 Economics Inclusion 1323
A3 U.S. History Inclusion 2105 
A4 Conference
B5 Government Inclusion 2117
B6 Economics/Government Modified 1103
B7 English I Inclusion 1316
B8 Professional Learning Community with the Social Studies Department 
Tutoring is offered Monday thru Thursday after school from 3:55 - 4:30 p.m. in room 1103,
If you need to contact me please feel free to do so by school e-mail.  jrockford@wisd.org
You can also call the school and enter my extension,   972-923-4600 extension 21103