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What is Community Service Class?
Community Service is an elective class (Seniors Only) which allows high school seniors the opportunity to voluntarily serve within their community in a variety of ways. Students do receive a credit and grade for the class. Grades are based on attendance, supervisor evaluations, the Community Service journal, and final exams. In addition to earning a grade, students earn an honor cord to wear at graduation based on successful completion of (60) Community Service hours.
How often does Community Service Class meet?
After completing orientation, students select an assignment and are placed at that site. From placement on - the student reports, as scheduled, to his Community Service supervisor for that class period. Students return to class once every nine weeks to turn in their Community Service journals, touch bases and hear a presentation from an outside speaker.
Speakers from last year covered topics such as:
Two- and four-year colleges
The Military
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Budgeting Employment
Community Service Organizations (Hope Clinic, Rotary, Lions, and the Peace Corps)
Where can I serve?
A wide variety of assignments is available to the students to choose from within the school district as well as out in the community.
Students who do not drive to school may perform their Community Service at Waxahachie High School or the Ninth Grade Academy in a variety of capacities, such as office assistant, library aid, teacher’s aid, peer tutor, translator, laboratory assistant, and so on.
Students who do drive to school may perform their Community Service at the SPCA, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, The Texas Baptist Home, Our Children’s House at Baylor Hospital, Pleasant Manor Health and Rehab, Baylor Institute for Rehab, the YMCA, the City of Waxahachie, the WISD Curriculum Office, the WISD Administration Office, or at any school within the Waxahachie district.
One of our new programs is our affiliation with the Big Brother, Big Sisters Organization. Students who are interested in and selected for this program are paired with a "little brother, little sister" at Northside Elementary.
For more information regarding WHS Community Service, please contact Debra DeNicola @ 972.923.4600 ext 202 or email her at