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Student Council Officers

The Waxahachie High School Student Council will serves as the governing body of the high school. This organization is the umbrella that covers all student activities. This organization exists to promote citizenship, scholarship, and leadership. It also exists to serve the needs of the students, administrators, teachers, and staff members at Waxahachie High School to the best of its ability. Citizenship is encouraged by helping each student develop a sincere regard for law and order, by helping young people to contribute to the welfare of the culture, by promoting desirable attitudes and the continued upward development of valued patterns of good citizenship, and by encouraging the students at Waxahachie High School to exhibit the Pride and Tradition that binds our student body together. Scholarship is encouraged by making all members follow U.I.L. standards for eligibility. Leadership is advocated by providing members with the power to vote and speak on issues within the school that matter to them, providing opportunities to lead within the student body, and by utilizing the ideas and support of students in solving relevant school problems. Student Council meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, during Tribe time, in the lecture hall, so that all students will be able to take part in their governing board. This organization is part of the Texas Association of Student Councils and the National Association of Student Councils, which is governed by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP).

Stuco Officers
Student Body:
President- Camille Willett
Vice President- Macie Hewson
Secretary- Cathy Bigham
Treasurer- Jamie Perry
Historian- Austin Mick
Senior Class:
President- Morgan Wray
Vice President- Sophie Melick
Secretary- Madison Betts
Treasurer- Makayla Reese
Historian- Savanna Duvall
Junior Class:
President- Brayden Garcia
Vice President- Caitlyn Richardson
Secretary- Mckensi Bryce
Treasurer- Garrett Roux
Historian- Marisabel Garza
Tech- Sierra Klag
Gibby Chandler
Sophomore Class Officers:
Leo Jordan
Emma Shugart
Hunter Walker
Kate Morgan
Madeline Condor
Kaylen Harding
Georgia Leath
Austin Robinson
Preslie Davis
Freshman Officers:
Patrick Wray
Maven Navarro
Brooklyn Baskin
Cayden Redd
Vanessa Garza

Anna Marie Warren, STUCO Advisor

WHS, Classroom #2313

972-923-4600, ext  22323