Chef Joel Skipper

Chef Joel Skipper
    Classes taught:   
       Advanced Culinary Arts
       Culinary Arts
Welcome to Culinary Arts!  I am Chef Skipper your instructor and get ready for a fun year.  I have one non-negotiable rule; regardless of what gets cooked in the kitchen, or who cooked it, throughout the year everyone must taste the food.  Part of being a good chef is knowing what different foods taste like.  You do not have to like what we cook, but you do have to taste it.  
My door is always open for whatever needs to be discussed.  
My expectations of everyone who enter this class are very high, work to meet those expectations and maintain that standard and your standards and expectations will naturally remain very high.
"The world treats winners different than is does losers."
                                                                  Augie Garrido
Class Schedule
     A1 - 8:25-9:58
     A2 - 10:04-11:37
     LUNCH - 11:37-12:07
     A3 - 12:07-1:43
     TRIBE TIME 1:43-2:16
     B5 - 8:25-9:58
     B6 - 10:04-11:37
     B7 - 11:37-2:22  CONFERENCE
     B8 - 2:22-3:55