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Welcome to Intro To Culinary!

Intro to Culinary Arts This class will review a wide variety of topics including restaurant structure, assessing workplace conditions, decision-making skills, customer relations, and several other topics in-between.  In addition, we will discuss kitchen principles including safety and sanitation and techniques for planning meals.


Supplies: The following supplies should be with the student each day in class.  Having these items each day, along with any assigned work and textbook, will ensure that the student is prepared to participate in class.  The student should have these items in class no later than Monday, August 30.

    Pens and/or Pencils    Composition Spiral       Positive Attitude  Food Handlers


Food Handlers

Each of you will be receiving a food handlers certification through this course. The fee for this online course is $7 and must be completed by Friday, September 14th. If you already have this certification, please provide the teacher with a copy. No student will be allowed in the Culinary Arts kitchen without a certificate on file. Should there be a financial issue, technology issue, or other issues preventing you from attaining this certificate...please notify the teacher immediately. See handout for Food Handlers Certification additional information.



Throughout the year, you will be given the opportunity to assist with catering events put together by the Culinary Arts program. Students are required to wear non-slip black shoes and black pants for each catering event. Depending on the event, students will wear chef coats provided by the school and/or black button up shirt. We take these events very seriously as it is a direct reflection of our program and school. If you sign up to assist with the event, be sure to show up!


Extra Credit

Extra credit will be available periodically. At any time, student may bring extra items for the supply kit to receive extra credit points. Extra credit points are awarded via a ticket process. The student will receive a ticket from the teacher that can then be applied to any assignment of their choice. Tickets will expire and must be applied to an assignment PRIOR to submitting. Assignments can also be found on google classroom, or in the hanging file in the classroom!


FCCLA: Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America – Student organization whose purpose is to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family & Consumer Sciences education; develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge, and career preparation. We are the only student led organization with family as its primary focus



Class Phone/Voice Mail:

(972) 923-4600


Conference Blocks: A3/B7

Tutoring Times: Available before school 7:30-8:15 daily

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