Mr. Fell World History!!!

Mr. Brian Fell

Contact info: 

Phone: 972-923-4600 Ext: 21106

Tutoring time: 7:45-8:15 M/W/F Afternoon's till 4:15 W/F

Class Schedule: A-days 1st, 2nd, and 4th

B-days 5th, 7th, and 8th


My name is Mr. Fell and I am your students World History (WH) teacher. I am pleased that you have trusted by WHS and myself to the education and exploration of the world. This subject is a passion of mine as I have been a traveler of the world in both my military deployments and personal exploration. Below is a basic layout of the course and other items that you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. I will always make time to meet with you for any reason and I know that your student will enjoy my class, just be ready to work and have an open mind to learn!

Below is a Syllabus that will be coming home with your student:

Course Description: The focus of this course will be to explore world history and how it impacts the world today. We will be discovering what factors influence the development of world history and humanity through the years. Students will also learn how these past events have influenced their lives while developing their critical thinking ideas through a variety of activities.

Promise and Expectations: I promise to aid your student to reach their full potential and pass my course through hard work and effort. Daily warm-ups will take place but mostly as either a review or a preview of what is to happen. Vocabulary will be key to understanding along with paying attention to class every day. Make sure to turn in your work on time to receive full credit.

Grades: Daily Grades-15% Quiz Grades-25%, Tests/Projects-60%... All grades will be recorded in Skyward.

Notes and daily work: Notes in this class are of the students input and not “fill in the blank”. Please be aware that the student will be responsible to ensure that notes are taken.  I will provide a guide that will tell them what they need, but not how to write it down. Please understand that this is a very interactive classroom and the student will be responsible to maintain an up to date binder and notes. *all books and required information will be covered in class and also available through google classroom.   

This is the material in order of how the class is completed: Unit 1: Thinking Like a Historian, Unit 2: Ancient Civilization, 8000 BCE - 500 BCE Unit 3: Classical Empires, 500 BC-600 CE, Unit 4 and 5: Postclassical world, 600-1450 CE, Unit 6 and 7: Early Modern world 1450-1750 CE Unit 8: Political Revolutions, 1750-1914 CE, Unit 9: Industrialization and Imperialism, 1750-1914 CE, Unit 10: Global Conflicts, 1914-post WWII, Unit 11: An Interdependent World, 1914-Present.

Rules: Very simple, if you want to be treated like a young adult, simply act like one.  Treat others and myself with respect and the year will go good.

Keeping Up With Class: Google Classroom and Remind are both available and google classroom is REQUIRED.  Remind will help me send instant notes to inform students of upcoming tests and required information.

Google Classroom Class code: 61bves

Remind Code: Text 81010 @mrfellwh


Please ensure your student gets a 1/2 or 1 inch binder.  As this will be crucial to the course.